Apply to our 3-day Investment Readiness Bootcamp - September 4th, 2019

Apply now to get selected to benefit from a $10 000 worth of training, insights and mentoring for free. This opportunity is for Startups willing to develop their products on global markets and raise seed and pre-seed funds. One startup will get the chance to attend the Venture Academy organized by Sophia Business Angel, member of the EBAN Network (European Business Angel Network) on October 19th, at Nice, France.

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How does it work?

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1. Application

Sign up for free and apply online with your FoundPad account.

2. Evaluation

Your application will be reviewed and evaluated by an experts committee.

3. Selection

10 startups will be selected to attend the bootcamp, only one will get the chance to attend the Venture Academy.

The Investment Readiness Bootcamp

a 3-day program, for startups at a pre-acceleration stage desiring to develop their activity on international markets and raise the needed funds. This bootcamp will increase the participating startups' visibility to a large European Business Angel Network. By the end of the program, one of the startups will be selected to participate at the next Venture Academy organized by Sophia Business Angel, member of the EBAN Network (European Business Angel Network) on October 19th.

Demystifying Fundraising

Initiate and introduce the 10 selected startups during a 3-day bootcamp to the tools and techniques of fundraising at the early stages, mainly with Business Angels..

Fast-Forward Support >>

Among the startups participating in the bootcamp, 2 will get active one2one mentoring and assistance to accelerate their internationalization process, supported by Factory 619/319 and the EBAN network.

    Venture Academy

    Startups will be evaluated during the bootcamp based on their implication and their performance during the pitch contest. One startup will get the chance to attend the Venture Academy in Nice, free of charge. The participation fees will be supported by the German cooperation GIZ, the official financial partner of the program.


Everything you need to know about your application procedure.


  • Online Application
    Wednesday ,August 7th, 2019
  • Deadline
    Sunday ,August 25th, 2019 (midnight)
  • Late Application
    From August 25th to 27th, 2019 (Lower admission rate)

Late Applications

Online Application


  • Stage
    Early, Pre-Seed, Seed
  • Verticals
    All verticals are included.
  • Founders
    Minimum age : 18. No nationality restrictions


  • Your Application
    Data related to your application will only be processed by this program operators.
  • Additional information
    The program operators might require you to provide complementary information if they feel it might be required to properly assess your application.
  • NDA (optional)
    You have the right to ask for an NDA agreement to be signed. This is not a required step.


  • Apply before the deadline
    It's extremely important to apply before the deadline in order to provide the organizing team enough time to properly evaluate and assess your application.
  • You're doing it for your business
    If you're selected to attend either the bootcamp, or the Venture Academy, please bear in mind that we're doing this to help your business succeed, a goal we share with you as a serious entrepreneur.
  • Attendance
    We're bringing in mentors and experts that can seriously help you unlock the ways of fundraising. We believe that every day of the bootcamp must not be missed. Besides, your performance during the workshops will be a major factor in the selection of the finalist startup that will attend Venture Academy in France.